Sunday, April 12, 2020


It is strange not to go out, on Easter. Normally, we would be going to church and having friends and family for dinner. Instead, I went to Zoom Church, and we will be alone for dinner. If I get really organized, I'll put a spring tablecloth on the dining room table. "Eating out" these days, is eating out of the kitchen, in the dining room.

Remember the sourdough? After 2 weeks of feeding it, it finally became something more.

Last night, I used a bunch of my flour, and created the dough for Hot Cross Buns.

This morning, I formed them into rolls and baked them. I think they got a bit too brown, but they looked pretty good. I couldn't be bothered with the crosses, so they are Easter Fruit Buns.

And they made a delicious lunch. The recipe made 16 buns, so I imagine we will be having them for snacks for much of the week.

Yesterday, I decided that I should actually sew something. I've been mostly knitting these days.

I started a new clutch bag, and, of course, managed to mess up the first step. The pattern called for 2 - 6 inch zippers.  I foolishly cut my zipper taper to 6". In the first step it says to cut your zipper tape to 7". So, I had to put the zipper slides onto the tape again, to make 7" long zippers.

At that point, I decided to go back to my knitting, and start again today.

I did slightly better, today. I am working entirely from my stash, so my hardware is a mixture of Iridescent Rainbow, and Shiny Nickel.

I only have one swivel clip in the right size, so  I am making a wrist strap for now. When I have a larger list of hardware, I'll order two more swivels, for a shoulder strap.

I finished the flap, this afternoon.

This is the outside.

This is the inside. Note the rainbow d-rings and the nickel snap. I'm probably the only one who will notice.

And this is the lining. The flap, is a pocket, for your phone, your keys.

I have the rest of the pieces cut out and stabilized. I might get it finished, tomorrow.


  1. Oh yum.......can I come to your house? I love fruit buns! That is the coolest fabric I have seen for a long time.

  2. Does your bun have a tangy taste? My sourdough bread always has a bit of the tangy-ness which I dislike. I haven't baked for a while because I don't want to add to the noise at home. Yesterday I saw this instagram video of a baker making some biscuits (to me they look like scones) and I wanted to use his recipe plus he does everything by hand. It was foolish of me to think the supermaket has heavy cream. Totally wiped out of any cream. I'm scared to go to the supermarket nowadays because in Singapore you're fined $300 if you don't keep 1m away from another human being and at supermarkets, it's impossible to do so.