Tuesday, February 1, 2022

February - Is that a Squirrel?

 Someone in my book group described February as "the longest, shortest month". I think I agree. It seems to pass so slowly, as we wait for spring. So diversions are required. 

I didn't get much sewing done in January. I dropped everything to make a pencil case for my pretty new Gel pens, and managed to get side tracked from that by my knitting, broken heating equipment, remote schooling...

However, since Sandra hasn't done a DrEAMi link up since November, she is asking for our December and January squirrels.

In December, I got a request for Christmas Stockings from my Alberta children. So I quickly put together a couple of stockings, in non-Christmas but bright fabric, as requested.

I used some of my precious stock of Laurel Burch fabric, because I knew they would love it. Since they only have fur babies, dogs and cats seemed appropriate. 

The pattern is  Holly Jolly Stocking by Lindsay Connor. If you use fusible fleece instead of quilt batting, they make up quite quickly.

Most of January, my main sewing activity has been cleaning up my sewing space. I have been watching the videos and reading the blogs from Just Get It Done Quilts, but not exactly following along. However, one day she was talking about kits, and examining them to decide if you were actually going to make the kit, or should you find  a new home or another purpose for the kit.

I came across this one.

I saw the wall hanging at a bunch of quilt shows, some years ago, and decided I needed to make it, so I bought the kit. It sat in a drawer for a number of years. I pulled it out, and offered it to a friend who I thought might enjoy it (she does more applique than I do.) I sent it off and she is already plotting how she will make it. So, I think that counts as a finish for me!

The other idea I picked up from Karen's blog, is to keep a notebook with you as you tidy, so you write yourself a note about things you find as you are cleaning, and keep going. Eventually, you will have a list of UFO's and Quilts, as well as all the ideas you got from handling your stash. It's a kind of  Squirrel Repellant!

I'm linking to Sandra's DrEAMi  # 59 .


  1. Tidying up must be catching, I found a piece of fabric with an applique cat on it, and finished it off to make a very tall door stop. Then some fabric has gone into masks for a friends grandkids, as they start school this week.A lot more to sort out, this year my word is " Finish" !!! And any finish is a good one. I'm sure your friend will love that kit.

  2. Those stockings are fun in their bright, but not Christmas, prints! We just can't turn down a family request!

  3. That is such a pretty kit......I remember seeing it at a show but didn't buy it. Just as well, or it would still be sitting waiting.....those stockings are great fun!

  4. The fabrics for your stockings are gorgeous - great finishes. xx

  5. The book is a great idea, love the Laurel Birch stockings. We have been clearing out and finding homes for those projects which are non starters. It feels good when you know it is off your list and give joy for someone else.

  6. I love the work of the late Laurel Burch! My knitting-tote-with-a-wallet (aka my 'purse') is one made of one of her prints (cats), which I got years ago at the Central Alberta Quilt Show (cancelled again for 2022. Sigh.) And I've a panel (one of the only panels I've ever purchased; I'm not a panel fan) made up for Christmas, and hang on my front door every year. I don't have a photo on hand, but here's what it looks like (a Pinterest pic; sorry): https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/472878029614148670/

  7. I hope you get back to the pencil case! I keep meaning to make a small one myself just to keep track of the pens in my handbag! One day!!
    Love the stockings, beautiful fabric!
    The notebook is a great tip, I have one to hand - must try and remember to use it more often.
    Barbara x

  8. Squirrel Repellant LOL! I love those stockings; I have a special place in my heart for all Laurel Burch art and fabric. I should take a look at Karen's cleaning tips...