Friday, February 4, 2022



It is a balmy -15C. My friend Michelle dropped off some supplies and I asked her to show off my newly finished shawl for you.

This is a test knit for Rhyflower Designs and I don't know why I volunteer to test knit. I always end up having to push through at the end to finish on the designer's schedule. However, I am loving the shawl. It is large and bright, just the thing to wrap around you any time of the year.

I blocked it without pinning it. It came out just the way I wanted. It is 210 cm long so it is a big shawl. I used blocking mats and an old yoga mat to give me enough length.

This is a closeup of the lace, which shows the colours better. The yarn is a Merino sock yarn from a hand dyer in England called Under the Olive Tree. I ordered it from a shop called Knitting Needle Lane, in Cambridge, England.

The hot pink doesn't show very well in the pictures. Need to work on my photo adjusting skills.

It goes well with my azalea!


  1. Looks like the proof that two arm spans are 2 metres in length, plus a little more, the right social distance during covid!!! Lovely to have a model, the teddy bear just wouldn't do it. Azaleas, a bright flower in winter.

  2. That's an interesting shawl design, I like the two lace patterns together. You have an excellent model.....and yes, it does go well with your azalea!

  3. Such a pretty shawl - I must look up that yarn dyer. xx

  4. It does go with your azalea! Very pretty!

  5. Wow! That is big! 10 cm = 4" (or so)....!!! But the shawl is lovely! On this very grey February day here, it's a sign of spring!

  6. The shawl looks so lovely. I love the colours. I haven't knitted for a while. I may have forgotten how to knit! p.s. I too wonder what makes people volunteer to test make.