Thursday, February 24, 2022

An Occupation and Some Silliness

 I will start by saying that I came to Ottawa in 1976, as a student intern for the Public Service, and fell in love with this city. I lived downtown, in affordable housing, walked most everywhere because I was trying to save money, froze much of the time, and delighted in this wonderful city. 

In January, a group confused the use of "Ottawa" as the federal government with Ottawa, the city of 1 million ordinary people, who live, work, and raise their families in this lovely city, including me. After 23 days, my major takeaways from this event are:

1. Civics education in this country is sadly lacking. The first amendment to the Constitution Act of 1867 recognized Manitoba as a province. So, our first amendment right is to travel to Winnipeg, without a passport. Miranda is probably some nice lady who lives and works in Ottawa and her "Miranda" rights are the same as mine. 

2. Foreign journalists can not be credible sources of information about Canada if they can't spell, or pronounce "Ottawa". 

3. I really hope that tourists will come in droves this summer to help the businesses recover from losing a month of business, during our second busiest tourist season. (And next winter visitors come in January only to skate on the canal and eat Beavertails with their mittens on. I recommend a Killaloe Sunrise.)

National  Arts Centre 
 and Parliament Buildings on the right, Chateau Laurier on the left

As I have often said, I stress knit. Knitting is my happy place. 

Big socks, for one of the big boys in my life.

Little socks for a baby, born yesterday. 

My new bag is progressing slowly.

You can't pin the pattern to the cork fabric, so I traced it onto the back side. My chalk pencil is on its last legs, so I must order a new one.

This is the lining and possible zippers for the inside pocket. 

The fabric has been cut and the stabilizers fused. Now I must get brave, and start sewing. 

I am calling my dining room "The Conservatory" these days.

Because of where the Azalea is sitting, I couldn't get a good picture of the current Hibiscus flowers. 

These were taken at the end of my arm. I couldn't see the view finder. When I looked at them, I just laughed and decided to give u and use what I had. The perils of being vertically challenged.

PS In case you are wondering, a Beavertail is a flat, yeast raised pastry, deep fired like a donut. This Killaloe Sunrise has a topping of butter & cinnamon sugar with a wedge of lemon on the side. You buy them hot from Kiosks on the Rideau Canal during January and February, and in the streets of Ottawa. 


  1. I, too, can recommend the Beavertail, one of Canadia's culinary gifts to the world. Your flowers are beautiful - just the thing for winter cheer! We have had the same protest here (not on quite the same scale as yours, but big enough) by people who mistake the place - Canberra, our national capital - for the people who have made the laws they are protesting about. Not so - those laws were made by various state governments.

  2. My Mum and Dad were given a red Hibiscus for their 40th wedding anniversary, so your photo brings back a wonderful memory. Love the socks, down here, the case numbers are increasing rapidly, and sadly, I do not feel safe to go anywhere local right now.In our small town we already have 29, and I'm sure there are lots more. So thankful I did manage to get a haircut 2 weeks ago!!!When stressed, I do a cryptic crossword!!

  3. Another comment, I have a Bohin chalk pencil that can take refills.I think it is quite fine tipped , but works well, with the white lead refills.

  4. Winterlude is the best time to visit Ottawa, yes it is cold but you can skate on the Canal for kilometres and build a snowman. See all the beautiful ice sculptures and enjoy hot chocolate with said Beavertails, if you love chocolate they do one with hazelnut chocolate. Love the socks, your dining room is looking amazing.

  5. Interesting that you arrived in Ottawa just as I was leaving, having graduated from Ottawa U that very spring. I agree with everything you say about Ottawa and the protest. And I love your socks!

  6. Back when I was visiting a boyfriend at Carleton during the winter (early 1970s), we skated the canal from the university to downtown, changed to boots (carried somehow; I forget!) and went to Murray's Restaurant in the Lord Elgin Hotel for their famous steamed pudding and tea or cocoa. Then we put our skates back on and skated back to the university. There were four of us at the time (2 couples) and I still smile at the memory. I've lost track of them all...but it has been fifty years...

  7. I'm curious about your cork bag... the pattern looks exciting :-)) I love to sew small bags. Best wishes. Viola