Thursday, March 24, 2022

Boronia Bowler Bag - Finally Done!

 It is officially mud season. Puppy footprints are making the floors like a sandy beach. You can't keep up with the sweeping.

Mud, grubby snow, and water, everywhere. However, there are little indications of spring.

A friend gave me some snowdrops last summer when she was thinning hers. Now they are peeking through the dead leaves.

And someone is snacking on them.

My trip outside was actually to bring in some Forsythia, in order to force it to bloom.

They look sad at the moment but in a week's time, or less, they will be covered with little yellow flowers.

I finished the Boronia Bowler Bag. Of course, I can only see the flaws, but in the pictures, it looks pretty good.

The fabric is Tula Pink Curiouser. The cork is from MM Cork Supply and Sherri very kindly sent me pictures of the colours next to a piece of the fabric it help me pick. 

The gold hardware makes the bag quit classy. The metal bag tag says "Handmade".

The hardware is from Emmaline Bags. of course. 

The lining repeats the gold with veining through the purple.

The bag has a large zippered pocket and a divided slip pocket.

I must say, this bag reaffirmed my dislike of foam stabilizer. While it makes the bag stand up nicely, my machine hates it, and there were a lot of times when I wondered why I was even trying this. I ended up ordering tice from MM cork and twice from Emmaline, as my plans changed and things didn't work out quite as planned.

So, my next bag will have cork (I'm loving it) but it won't likely have foam. My next bag will also not be this large. 

My other finish this week was another pair of baby socks.

I just can't quit making this delightful little socks. 

And I will leave you with the show off above the Forsythia branches.


  1. Your little signs of spring would cheer your heart.....even if something is eating spring! Well done on the bag, even if you did learn what not to do. Cute socks for cute little feetsies.

  2. Your bag is looking very smart and classy from here - I love the fabric and the purple cork, I had no idea it came in colours. Always lovely to see snowdrops - they spread like mad so you should have lots next year. Cute socks. xx

  3. Your bag is beautiful! Nice job, as usual!

  4. Oh I love the bag!!! We're a few weeks ahead of you--our forsythia has its fancy yellow dress on. I'm loving it!