Sunday, March 27, 2022

DrEAMi! #61 or Was That A Squirrel?

 It is that time of the year. The squirrels in my yard are very busy and very hungry. I don't have any pictures of the squirrels but I can give you one with a chipmunk.

This is the marvelous Mystique, one of our long term foster cats. She was with us for over a year in total. We put peanuts on the window ledge to entertain her. We called it her car order. Here she is taking the order of a passing chipmunk.

Actually, the squirrels for this blog are those little projects that you just have to try. I spent most of the month working on my Boronia Bowler Bag, and Friday, I finally finished it.

However, while I was waiting for matching thread to arrive (yes, I was silly enough not to check to see if I had the correct coloured thread before I started), I saw a new project I just had to try.

This is the Effortless Twin Pouch, by Spencer Ogg Patterns. It is a free video tutorial on her YouTube Channel.

It was quick and easy. I used a fat quarter, some PUL fabric and a zipper I had in my stash, and I did have matching thread for this one. However, because the PUL can't be ironed, I couldn't get crisp folds to make it stand up, unless it had something heavy in the pockets. It also didn't stay folded.

So, today, I mad another one, using the same fabrics, and added a magnetic snap, this time.

I also put a crisp fold in the cotton fabric before I started to see if that would help. 

This is the new bag (the zippers are different colours) and it stands pretty well. 

The centre fold looks pretty good.

On the first one, I added bar tacks to hold the fold.

Now I need to try one with a cotton lining and maybe do French seams on the outside to help it stand. Obviously, there are more squirrel projects to try here!

I'm linking to Sandra's "Drop Everything And Make it" link up, over at MMMQuilts.  Go and check out the other projects.


  1. We were able to see a chipmunk on our trips to Canada, and a very cute little critter it was too! With your bag - would a line of stitching very close to the fold before/during assembly be possible? That would make a crease.

  2. Cute! (Both the cat/chipmunk encounter, and the bags.) Happy Spring!

  3. We are all just dreaming of the warmer weather. Can it come now? We love the bag.

  4. Spotted our first squirrel of the season in the park outside my kitchen window this morning. Far more exciting to see a chipmunk though! I am glad you are trialling this pattern well - by the time I get to make one you will have cracked it lol. xx

  5. This is so pretty! I saw it on Instagram, but I like the added detail and pics you get on a blog, not to mention marvellous Mystique! What a great idea for her entertainment and the squirrels' or chipmunks' bellies! Thanks for linking up this quintessential DrEAMi!

  6. Cat greets chipmunk - that's wonderful :-))
    Your bag is wonderful.
    A thousand projects in my head, but not enough things in the closet, I also had to wait for a zipper... and sewed a T-shirt first.
    Many greetings to you. good weekend Viola