Sunday, January 8, 2023

First Finish of 2023

 I actually finished one of the knitting projects that I had on my list of WIP last week.

This is the Free Falling Cowl by Cally Monster. I cast it on Christmas Eve and cast it off on Friday. It is some lovely, addictive lace knit in a merino and silk fingering that was sitting in my stash waiting for the perfect pattern.

The white marks are a dying error (meaning I got the skein on sale) and I think it adds interesting texture to the lace. I was going to block it, but I think it will block nicely during the wearing. Silk can be tricky to block and I would hate to ruin it.

When I made my Findley Phone Case, I used up the last of my 3/4" strap hardware, so I ordered more (just in case). 3/4" is a nice size for a clutch bag strap.

My order came this week from Emmaline Bags.

Isn't it pretty? I bought gold, gun metal and nickel. 

I also bought this.

It confused my husband! It is a seam roller, to flatten my seams on the cork fabric. 

I am back to doing 20 minute tidying of my sewing room as many days as possible. Sometimes, it feels like I am on a treadmill, getting no where, but I noticed today that I got a lot more done in 20 minutes because more of the stuff has a permanent home. So, progress is being made. 

Today's pictures were taken with my new phone. The quality is pretty good. I will need to experiment with it more.


  1. That's a pretty cowl! Like you, I think the white flecks add interest....little flakes of snow. Oh my.....I remember having a roller like that to flatten down joins in wallpaper, back in the day.

  2. I see Audrey Esarey uses her seam roller so often. Love the cowl, it will be so cosy,and silk and merino a lovely combination, beautiful shade.

  3. It is a treadmill which seems endless, that twenty minutes a day after a while makes the bits and pieces talk to you, creating order into finished pieces. You inspired me to do it a few years back and it works. So now it is part of my everyday routine, thank you. Maggie

  4. Pretty cowl and always good to have stuff on hand for urgent projects. xx