Thursday, January 26, 2023

An Empty Basket

I spent some time tidying this morning. I was looking for a package of stabilizer that I was sure I had in my hand recently. Of course, I am starting to wonder if I just imagined the package. Since I go through a lot of it (bags can take 2 yards if they are large), I will order more, and then it is bound to turn up!

I did manage to do this.

The basket was full of "stuff" which has mostly found homes. I found half finished class samples, from a class I taught a couple of times. I found projects that weren't working, and that I now don't want to finish. I rescued the fabric and tossed the rest. I found the leftover fabric from completed projects, which is now filed away for new projects. 

I also found this.

It is an applique block, in need of the last petal. The fabric needs to be basted and then it needs to have the applique stitch done from the front. It is from an applique class I took some time ago. There are 8 more blocks finished. If I finish the ninth, I could make 3 door hangers or a little 9 block wall hanging. Can I get this done?

This is the front. My points are even pointy! There seems to be three seasons of flowers or leaves. As I recall the instructor had some fancy ideas for how they should go together, but I think I'll just add a bit of sashing. Stay tuned.

Emme is still mourning the loss of the Christmas tree. She is still sleeping on the tree skirt. I ran it through the dryer twice, on air fluff, to try to get the cat hair off it, and I may have to do it again.

She looks like she is daring me to take her tree skirt away.


  1. Emme looks so comfortable there, she is truly hoping her bed is staying

  2. Emme would like it to be Christmas all year round, wouldn't you, Emme?

  3. Haha yes, my husband recently lost an eyepiece from his binoculars so sent off for spares only to find the missing one a day after they arrived. Tis always the way! Your applique block looks good so it will be interesting to see the rest and what you do with them. xx

  4. Your appliqué is looking great. The basket is empty and now kitty needs a quilt to cuddle on. Maybe a cat quilt?

  5. Congratulations on your empty basket -- and your pointy points! My needle-turn downfall was leaves and berries. I made a *huge* pillow sham with them once several years ago -- never again!