Sunday, January 1, 2023

Another New Year

The number has turned over, again, and I have looked back on my creative finishes for the past year. Some have been more creative than others. 

The biggest change in our house has been the addition of two kittens to our family. After many, many years as foster volunteers, we decided that we should become first time cat owners. Mudd and Emme have settled in nicely, and entertain us with happy view of life.

Mask making was still happening for much of this year. I think, in total, I have made about 160 masks.  Since I can make 2 masks for 1/4 yard of fabric, that means I have used up about 20 yards of my stash. 

I did sew a few other things.

4 zippered pouches
3 purses of assorted sizes
1 quilt was finished and a number of bindings were done
12 dog bandanas became Christmas presents (another 1.5 m of fabric gone)
2 Pillowcases
5 Handsanitizer pouches
1 Paper Pieced Wall Hanging

I did some knitting, too.

5 pairs of adult socks
6 pairs of baby socks
3 hats
2 shawls
1 pair of mitts
1 neck warmer

I don't commit to goals for my creative projects. I like to be able do the thing that interests me, at the time. However, I have 2 shawls, a sock, and a cowl that are on the needles, right now and need to be finished. Hopefully, that will happen over the winter, however, if I hear about a new baby, I will knit something for that little one. My sewing is even more open, often determined by a request from a loved one. Perhaps a couple of finished quilt tops will become quilts.

I plan to continue on my quest to sort through my sewing things. It is amazing how little felines cause a sudden organizing of things to keep them safe. They are starting to learn that their help isn't required when I am knitting.

Happy 2023! 


  1. We had a cat once who loved it when I knitted.....but she didn't go for the yarn, she enjoyed batting at the knobs on the needle ends, which made it tricky for the knitter! She was probably the reason I went to circulars. You have done well with your projects.

  2. Happy New Year! Whatever you choose to do, enjoy. xx

  3. Cats love yarn, especially the self striping variety. Have an awesome 2023. Your socks are the best in the World!

  4. All the best wishes for 2023 to you.
    Yes, it's just wonderful when a project is finished... but I have to say, I have a new one right away :-))) You accomplished a lot last year. Have fun with your next projects... each one is a win :-))
    The deer is so beautiful...I like it.
    Have fun with your cats. Hug

  5. Keeping track or not, you had a year full of creativity. The shawl is lovely! I admire your ability to make so many masks; too fiddly for me. I made a few but each took over 2 hours and I decided others were better at making them than I, so I stopped. I replaced them with comfort quilts for refugees!

    As for the kitties, I was surprised to learn you'd never actually *owned* cats! I grew up with cats and dogs. When I married and moved into an apartment -- and later, into our own home -- where we could have cats, my late DH and I had 1, 2, 3 -- as many as 4 at one time -- and we loved them all. Now I've only one, aged 10 1/2. I hope she's long-lived, but if she dies and I'm still able, I'll go for a pair next. I've told my children I refuse to go anywhere to live if I can't have at least one cat. No argument! :-D