Thursday, March 2, 2023

Another Bag

After making 2 zippered bags for Project Quilt, I realized remaking zippered pouches that I have made before is a good way to practice some basic bag making skills, without having to concentrate on trying to figure out the instructions for a more complicated project. My zippers are becoming tidier, my seams are nicely matched. 

So, this week, I made another Retreat Bag. The Retreat Bag is a free pattern from Emmaline Bags.  It is much like the Wide Open Pouch but it has these frames that help hold the bag open.

I discovered that I had 5 of the frames in my stash. These are the small size, Style A on Emmaline's site.

I hid some kitties on the slip pockets inside. As you can see, it stays open so you can get your contents in and out easily.

The outer fabric is one of a collection of fat quarters, I found hiding in my stash (this tidying thing has found lots of treasures.) I had forgotten what it was but after some research, discovered that it is an African batik fabric, heavier that the ones from Bali, and with simpler patterns. 

The lining was another fat quarter that seemed to match the outer fabric. The zipper was from a pack of zippers that were a bargain because I didn't get a colour choice. I wondered what I would use the colour for, but this is perfect.

I have made the large Retreat Bag before but this is my first small one. 

Today, I spent some time preparing for my next project.

The cutting table is clear.

The bin for the pieces of the project is empty. What will be next? Wait and see. My next step is to make sure I have everything I need.


  1. That's a good pattern.....your fabric choices suit it very well, and I love the hidden kitties!

  2. I think I can get the wire frames down here so that will be a new pattern for me to try.Lovely fabrics.

  3. The cat fabric pockets are a great touch!