Sunday, March 26, 2023

Anyone Seen Spring?

 We currently have the 9th snowiest winter since records started. Every time we think spring might be coming, it snows, again. We had another blast of snow, yesterday, though with some rain mixed in, so it was heavy shoveling this morning. I just want to curl up and read a book, or knit. So I have been doing both. 

I did have a squirrel project, early in the month. I came across some fabrics, that I had forgotten about, and decided to turn one fat quarter into a small Retreat Bag. Details are here.

After posting it on my blog, a friend asked if I would make her one. I offered her this one, and added a zipper charm to the pull.

Meanwhile, I have been planning out a set of three phone clutches, for three different users. 

The first is going to be from a Tula Pink fat quarter, with some other fabrics added from my stash.

The second request was for cat fabric, and she chose this fabric. I added the the text fabric, the blue lining and the splashy cork.

The third is dreaming of spring.

Not quite sure about the lining for this one. 

I managed to find suitable fabric in my stash (no surprise, really) and have the exterior for the first bag cut. Perhaps this week, I will feel the inspiration to move forward with these. The cutting always seems like the hardest part. 

I needed a new sock project and after 2 pairs of dark socks, I decided I needed something bright.

Of course, my first attempt at a picture was much darker.

Always make sure that your helper is out of the room when you try to take pictures. Mudd loves to photobomb my knitting pictures.

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  1. Love that sock yarn, and the pattern too! I like your bag, I can see why your friend likes it too. Your phone clutches will be interesting......looking forward to seeing them.

  2. That's a great pouch! I like the pocket inside - so useful. Pouches always make good gifts for friends!

  3. You are busy, love the socks. They made me smile and all the winter melts away with so much happiness and cheer! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful projects.

  4. Your retreat bag looks great - lucky friend! I have a set of those frames somewhere.... Oh well, one day! Great fabric choices for your phone clutches. xx

  5. I'm loving that kitten-in-a-light bulb charm!! And Mudd! How cute is he? I also have to say I like that Kitty Santa fabric. :) You are always so busy.

  6. You are busy & love your projects, the socks & your photo bombing cat. Haven't any pets these days, but I did have feline helpers in the past. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog. Take care & hugs from Oz.

  7. This has been the longest winter I can remember! I hope it's warming up a bit there now. Cute fabrics for all your bags! And those are the cheeriest socks!!!

  8. Love the photobomber. :-) Those socks are cheerful; needed on this near-end of April day of nothing but rain when I'm now feeling like will it ever be summer? Love your bag, and the fact that you gave it to your friend. I finally ordered from Zipper Valley - did you get the pull from them? I love it.