Friday, November 6, 2015

My Retreat Projects

I saved my projects for a separate post, since one was a present, and I didn't want it seen until I gave it to the recepient.

First is the Gerbera Bag from Blue Calla Patterns. 

It is a nice sized wrist bag, with a lot of details I don't normally expect from a free pattern.

Here is a closer shot, taken after a final press (at home) and with some bag bling attached.

I also made a little cat pouch. Cheryl challenged me, quite awhile ago, to try making a pattern for this and make the pouch.

It's not bad, but the pattern still needs a bit of work. I have added a carabiner to the loop on the side, so I can hang it from my knitting bag handle, to hold the little things that get lost in the bottom.

Cheryl, the over achiever, showed her perfect pouches, here.

And, speaking of purrfect:

Hamish, and Fergus, napping.


  1. Love the bags. Hamish and Fergus takes the cake, they are too cute!

  2. Kate, I love your take on the zippered cat pouch! I don`t know what a carabiner is though. Might be because I`m not the purse-and-bag-making queen that you are. Is it special hardware? Fergus and Hamish are gorgeous!