Monday, November 9, 2015

Because Boring Socks Are Not An Option

Winter around here is about 4 months too long. Since we have snow from November to April, usually, winter wears out its welcome in about mid-January. The best way to cope, I think, is bright accessories.

These are my new boot socks.

The yarn is by TurtlePurl, in New Brunswick, and the colourway is Angry Birds. I knit them in a sort of spiral rib, K6 YO K2Tog. It makes an interesting pattern in the striped yarn.

The socks are suppose to be identical twins, because of the way the yarn is dyed. They look pretty good.

However, I forgot to take notes, when making the first sock and I seem to be off by about one round.

Which ends up as 3 rounds at the tip of the sock. Whoops.

They are lovely warm socks (despite the eyelets). I took the pictures and then had to take them off.  On this lovely fall day, they got too warm within 5 minutes of putting them on.

I think I have enough yarn left over to make another pair, by adding some solid black yarn.


  1. I just love the toes! They make my feet move to the song: I like to move it, move it from the first Madagascar movie, with the penguins.

  2. Lovely and the spiral pattern is so good inside boots, almost non-slip-down.

  3. Hi Kate, so happy to have found you via my New Zealand friends. I love your knitting and your kitties. Both our dogs are rescued so I really appreciate your efforts to promote adoption. Take care now.

  4. Fabulous socks, very cute! They look super cozy and I love having warm feet.

  5. Winter is way too long here (Manitoba), too. Those socks are awesome! I love the spiral rib. Love the title on this post, too. ;)

    I've added your blog to my Feedly blog reader thingy.