Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanks for the Suggestion

I knit in public all the time. I am not good at waiting, so taking my knitting with me helps keep me calm and makes the time pass. I have knit the foot of a sock, in a doctors waiting room, while others are ready to start a riot, because the doctor is running so late. I knit at meetings, because it helps me censor my thoughts, before they come out of my mouth. I knit when I am a passenger in a car, train, plane. I knit at parties, which oddly makes me more interesting.  Afterwards I have something beautiful and useful to give away or keep for myself.

Because I knit, people think that I must have a lot of spare time. Obviously, if I have time to knit, I don't have any other life. Never mind that we are all together doing the same waiting, but because I am doing something useful with my wait, I need more things to do.

So, they make suggestions. Did I see that article in the paper, where the group needs neck warmers for giraffes? I should make some of those, because I can knit, and the speaker is really into helping giraffes. They don't plan to do anything themselves except point out to me that this is something that would make them feel better.

Alternately, they ask if I will make one of the item I am knitting for them. They say they will pay me. I tell them they can't afford it. Even knitting in waiting rooms and the like, it still takes about 3 weeks to make a pair of socks. Yarn is expensive, so is my time.

I am not a selfish knitter. I regularly knit for causes that is important to me.

I seem to be on a charity hat kick, this year.

I also make gifts for Christmas, birthdays, new babies, etc. I think I have project plans for many months ahead.

I am glad that you would like to support a cause. If you would like to learn to knit, so you can make that neckwarmer, I am happy to help.

However, I get to decide how I will use my time, and my other resources. I really don't need any suggestions from strangers.
BTW if knitting neckwarmers for giraffes is a real thing, I hope I didn't offend the giraffes.


  1. Well said, Kate.......I applaud every word, I have noticed the same thing!

  2. I come from Africa, seriously? Giraffe's would think this person has lost the plot! It gets very hot, try +30C for almost nine months of the year, not to mention the best leaves they eat, is normally found in trees with thorns. Whatever happened to common sense? Raise funds for Rhino's, they need more protection, they are becoming extinct, for the simple fack that they have a horn, which some cultures think have special powers. Fact they have no special powers, so stop hurting the Rhino's!

  3. I take my crosswords, code 5, or code cracker puzzles, and seldom get any suggestions for help!!! How tactless and senseless some people are. Your knit for those you want to knit for, look after so many foster kitties, and lots more. Enjoy every day knowing your hands have created a special gift for someone special to their family too. Hugs from down here.

  4. Hey! I recognize that brick bag!! And I love the multi-coloured) toque in the first photo. What wool is that?

  5. oh boy! I really hate to knit for other people! They actually think that telling me I have a talent will fool me into making something... I once had a friend ask me to do a pair of socks for him so I said deal, if you give my car an oil change with oil and filter -- he said hey! socks are cheap, oil isn't, so I said then go buy cheap socks...