Tuesday, November 24, 2015


With Christmas just a month away, I have had a week of starts.

I pieced together some fabric scraps, as the start to a bag. I will cut the bag out next.

I started a sock (but the lighting wasn't good).

I started a hat.

The youth minister at church asked me to hem this tree skirt for the Sunday School tree.

I bought more hardware for wristlet bags.

Now the question is, can I get it all done in a month? We will have to see.

I am told there hasn't been a kitten update, lately. If you aren't a cat fan, you can stop here.

Angus is helping himself to a can of cat food. I guess he wasn't fond of the kind that was already down. I will worry if he figures out how to get the can open.

Fergus, just chilling.

Hamish and Angus, discussing whose turn it is to play in the box.

They are so much bigger then when they arrived. I expect they are going to make some families very happy this Christmas. They will be leaving me, soon.


  1. FYI (but totally not pushing, haha) I've got some assorted bag hardware in my online shop. I had a tendency for a long time to buy more of everything than I could ever use, so I figured I'd sell some of it (it looks a bit cheaper than what you paid, as well, but who knows with shipping--just thought I'd mention it).
    I am reallllly wanting to start a new pair of socks, but I have to finish this sweater first (which I thought would be a quick bulky knit but is NOT).

  2. Your new little kitties are adorable! You've been busy with your projects......I'm still unpacking and sorting my 'loot' from our trip.

  3. Looks like a couple of fun projects! Good luck finishing them up in time for Christmas!

  4. You have lots on the go. I wish I could get some knitting projects started too.

  5. You have lots on the go. I wish I could get some knitting projects started too.

  6. Lovely colours in your projects, Kate. Please continue to post your progress!

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

  7. Besides all the projects, I love the way these kitties are so proactive, I can get my own food. Now only if my kitty claws could open the tins?....