Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Animals in War

As you may be aware, here at Arts and Socks, animals play an important roll. Over the years there have been 156 foster cats and 4 of our own dogs, leaving their paw prints on our hearts.

This morning, we were watching the Remembrance Day Ceremony from the National War Memorial, and Dolly asked if there was a war memorial for the animals.

So, we checked with Google and found out that there is not one, but two National Memorials to animals that served in war.

The first is in the Peace Tower in the Parliament Buildings.

It is a tympanum. In architecture, a tympanum  is the semi-circular or triangular decorative wall surface over an entrance, bounded by a lintel and arch. It often contains sculpture or other imagery or ornaments.

This one is over the door to the Memorial Chamber, where the Books of Remembrance are kept.
More information can be found here.

The other is in Confederation Park, near the National War Memorial.

More information about it is here.

We also found out about the Dickin Medal.

It has been given 65 times, since 1943, for outstanding acts of bravery or devotion by animals while serving in military conflict. It has been awarded to 32 pigeons, 29 dogs, 3 horses and 1 cat. As well, in 2014, an honourary Dickin Medal was given to Warrior, a Canadian horse, representing all the animals who served in World War I. Warrior was the horse in the play and movie "War Horse".

Dolly says she is glad that she could remember the animals. Perhaps we will go visit the Memorial in Confederation Park. She would like that. I think I would, too.


  1. Wow. This is great stuff I never knew. Your Dolly is a deep thinker. I'd like to visit both sites myself. Maybe some day.

  2. I saw a "photo of the day" on CTV news. Someone had taken their three German Shepherds to the dogs memorial in Confederation Park.