Wednesday, November 18, 2015


On Monday, at my quilting group, the other ladies were playing the "What is It?" game, with my knitting project.

I think it should be obvious.

Yoga socks, made for a special friend.

For the last couple of years, a group of friends have gotten together to practice yoga, on Wednesday afternoon. In the summer, we meet in the park, and in the winter, in the community room of a local housing co-op. Our leader, Lucy, is leaving us, to move to a new community. So, I made her socks, with my warm wishes knit in.

In yoga, the heel and ball of the foot need to contact the mat, for stability. So the socks warm the ankles and the arches. I make them in a lace pattern, so it can accomodate most ankles and feet. The yarn is a fancy, antimicrobial fiber, mixed with cotton and wool.

And I polished my nails, in a suitable colour, for the "photo shoot".

Since I am a bag lady, the socks will be wrapped in a brick bag, that I made in the summer. I realized, when I opened it, that the lining matches the socks. It will look like I planned it!

The card has a picture, drawn by my friend Cheryl. She gave me permission to use it on the card.

Namaste, Lucy. Go in Peace.


  1. What a lovely gift! I'm sure she'll appreciate it. You did a nice job on the card, too.

  2. Very nice! I should make some of those! I was in my yoga class last night and thought "someone should invent yoga socks" but I guess someone did, haha.

  3. If I had not seen you wearing them, l would have mistaken them for fingerless mitts!
    Love the nails, will make sure my friend next door sees them. She reads your blog, just to see your nails.

  4. Nice! Very pretty and nice! I noticed your nails matched and cool that the inside of the bag does too. She will love these.

  5. I guessed yoga socks right away. However, I made a pair a couple of years ago, so perhaps I had an unfair advantage. Mine turned out okay, but they didn't fit me that well...a bit too big. Yours look fantastic!!! Beautiful colour and wonderful gift for your friend.

  6. A very thoughtful gift. Love it when all the bits align!