Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's On the Needles Now?

I finished my fingerless gloves and they are winging their way to the West Coast, where the weather is more suited to fingerless gloves.

I took a few pictures, before I trusted them to Canada Post.

They look a little odd without hands to shape them. So I will model them for you.
The odd bulge on the right side of the picture is my watch, under the glove.
A glamour shot, showing off the manicure!

Meanwhile, I needed a new project on the needles, so I cast on a rather ordinary pair of socks in some very cool yarn.
I might have to keep these for me. Don't they look like spring time? Good thing we still need wool socks in April! I used a tubular cast on, and I am liking how the top edge looks.
Today, I decided to try something a little more challenging, and cast on a toe up sock.
I love this yarn. It is a hand dyed merino yarn, from Tanis Fiber Arts. I bought the yarn in Halifax, while on vacation a couple of years ago, and it just suited my day, today. In case you missed it, the yarn colourway is Lilac, which is just a fancy way of saying PURPLE!!!!
Note the nice tidy, toe up cast on. It only took 4 tries to get it right. The sock itself will have pretty girlie cables.

I know I am getting tired of winter, since I seem to be drawn to lighter colours in my knitting right now.
Not much sewing today, but lots of knitting. A good way to spend a snowy afternoon.


  1. That is some fine knitting, from the toe up, do you do it on a set of four when there are more stitches? Love the gloves, guess you need ones that are super thick with all fingers in. Cheers from Jean.

  2. the gloves are great! I wish I could actually finish a knitting project, trouble is I get started then see something I would rather crochet and the 1/2 knitted sock gets forgot!