Saturday, March 26, 2016


I remembered, today, that I had planned to make a couple of Easter gift bags.

Awhile ago, I saw a tutorial to make Hungry Bunny Bags on Lil Blue Boo (aka Ashley Hacksaw).

So I pulled out my scraps, and made two, this afternoon.

A pretty little girl bunny.

A tough boy bunny.

Their mouths open, to hold little treats.

I like the primitive style of them. I had to keep reminding myself that if they are too perfect, it will spoil them.

I used my own method, to put them together. I like to minimize the amount of hand sewing is required.  The tutorial has you make the lining separate from the outside and them insert and hand sew the lining, at the mouth. I put the zipper in and attached the lining so the front was complete, did the embroidery, then attached the backs. I had a 3 inch opening at the bottom to sew up.



  1. Like the funky bunnies. Could you fit all the Easter treats in the bags?

  2. CUTE!! They could easily be cats, couldn't they? (I like that the tough boy one is musical, too.)

  3. Very cute! Perfect little treat bags. I like your method of putting them together better. Its all about efficiency!

  4. So cute!!! Love the mismatched eyes.

  5. those are very cute. I also like to limit hand stitching when ever possible.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.