Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mudville Tuesday

It has turned warm and suddenly the streets are running mud. I went out this morning, and discovered while driving that I had not checked my windshield washer fluid lately, and I was completely without any. Fortunately, I was able to find some clean snow, to wipe the mud off, so I could see out of the windshield, and I filled the reservoir in my car, when I got home.

I received these from a friend, to celebrate International Women's Day. It was her birthday, and we went for lunch to celebrate.

I thought a little handmade gift was in order, so I made her a Pixie Basket.

To give you an idea of the size, I set it next to my coffee mug.

Just a tiny little basket, for collecting tiny things. I thought it would be a place to put one's jewelry at night, or pins or stitch markers, or...

I used a tutorial from Fabric Mutt.

Meanwhile, my addiction to Mystery Knit Along Shawls has hit a crisis stage. I accidentally signed up for two at the same time.

The second clue for the Valentine KAL is about half done. I have until Sunday to finish this clue.

Meanwhile I am in the middle of Clue 2 of the Fracture MKAL.

I have until Friday to finish this clue. I am not sure I like the colour of the yarn for this one. It is a variegated grey and it is a little darker then I like. However, it feels nice, so I will keep going. I am sure I will find a home for it, if I decide I don't like it when I am done.

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  1. The yarn might create a very interesting article. Like it a lot! The car needs a wash, the snow is melting and the stream is overflowing its banks. Spring is here. Love the Tulips, nothing quite says Spring, like Tulips in Canada.

  2. Nice colours for your shawls. Crisis eh? That is a nice crisis!

  3. Such pretty tulips! I don't mind the grey yarn......and the purple is looking good too.

  4. Nothin' says you live in a northern climate like seeking out clean snow to clean your windshield! Ha ha!

    Your pixie basket is very cute; the more of them I see, the more I think I should make a couple. Based on your photo, I never would have imagined the shawl would be so dark.

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

  5. I love those little Pixie baskets! I've made a few too! The flowers are lovely, and yes, it warmed up SOO much here as well! Heat is off! Yay!!

  6. What a sweet basket. It looks like it could be a great size for a thread catcher.