Sunday, March 20, 2016

Purse Making

I started my March Bag of the Month - Polaris.

Yesterday, because it was International Quilting Day, I changed the blade in my rotary cutter, and started cutting out the pieces. Since spring has now arrived, I thought a bright bag was needed.

The birds are the exterior, and the floral is the lining and the strap. The blue strip will be the piping. I am liking it so far. I need to decide shortly if I want an exterior pocket on the bag. I haven't quite decided yet. I am putting extra pockets on the inside.

Today, I am interfacing the pieces and making the strap.

I received a gift today. I am not sure what I will do with it.

It is a hinged metal purse frame. It has crystals along the inside edges (the picture shows it all the way open).
It also has crystals on the clasp.
I don't think I have all the pieces. I think there should be a couple of backing plates and some screws.

There are screw holes on the back side of the frame. I think I can probably find screws that fit. I could use a stiff piece of stabilizer and some washers to reinforce the top edge.

I am not sure of the age of the frame. A friend found it in her mother's craft supplies, and thought I might be able to use it.

Maybe after I finish Polaris, I will take this on. Since the frame is a kind of open lattice, I think a nice bright fabric would be in order, satin maybe?


  1. Beautiful frame, what about velvet? Tapestry fabric? I think whatever you choose will turn out tops.

  2. Definitely Spring colours. Is the clasp an antique? Is it for a small or larger purse?

  3. Yes, that frame should have a backing plate and screws with it. I went to NYC several years ago and bought a similar style frame. I have yet to use it because I fear someone will ask me for it and I can't say no, and then I won't have it anymore to look at, haha :)

  4. Nice start on Polaris. Love the metal purse frame. That will be a great challenge for you.