Thursday, March 24, 2016

Polaris - Part 2

Spring seems to have changed its mind, and is allowing winter to stay a bit longer. I would think this was a delightful sight, if it were the week before Christmas, however, it's the week before Easter. The bush, on the inside of the fence, is the forsythia, and I was hoping it would start showing a bit of yellow shortly, but it is not to be. More snow is falling, right now, mixed with ice pellets, so I am hiding inside.

I have been doing all the bits and pieces required, to make a bag.

I have made a zippered pocket for one side of the lining.

For the other side of the lining, I made a slip pocket with card pockets.

I have made the strap, and basted the foam stabilizer to the outer pieces. I have been debating putting an outer pocket on the side of the bag, but I think I will leave this one without one. I don't want to chop up the birds.

Next up will be the zipper in the top of the bag, the rings for the straps, and the piping around the outer edges.. I decided this needed some gold hardware, so I got some gold rings.


  1. Who ordered this weather? Our grass was showing signs of green two days ago, now it is covered in ice. Love all those pockets, your bag is looking good!

  2. Your bag is going to be great.....a lot of work though. I wouldn't want to chop up those birds either. They're beautiful!

  3. We have had the same weather here. A great time to stay inside and stitch. Love your fabric choices for the bag and the step by step approach is the only way to go. you can't do everything at once.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.