Friday, February 8, 2013

DaGMT 2013 - Day 6 & 7

I am continuing the challenge, but not managing to blog.

I was recently gifted with a Fabric Mover attachment for my sewing machine. It is suppose to make free motion quilting easier. So on Day 6, I spent about 1 hour playing with it, and figuring out how it works. The jury is still out on how useful it will be. No pictures, because I didn't turn out anything useful.

On Day 7, I spent much of the day making my new foster cat feel at home. The Arts and Socks family welcomes Arthur, foster Cat # 115.

In the evening, I started going through one of my boxes of projects (I admit to having more than one). I found a table runner that needed only a small amount of finishing. I made it in a workshop at the local sewing machine dealer. I think the deal was that we paid $20, and got to try the latest top of the line embroidery machine. We also got to make a table runner, using the machine, that we could take home. I made my runner and decided that I didn't need the machine (I think you can buy a car for less). I brought the kit home and threw it in the box, since it wasn't really my style. I pulled it out last night, and finished it in about 40 minutes. It will make a nice hostess gift, I think.

It is a cold and snowy day, and a good afternoon to cuddle with a cat.
We will use this picture to blackmail Dolly later!


  1. At one point I started a box of unfinished projects and did do a few from there, but then it got packed away. Once I finish the current ufo, I should look for it. Perhaps I have some near finishes that I could complete. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I have a huge plastic bin of unfinished projects, items, and pieces. This year my plan,hopefully, is either to finish, discard, or give away those that are too old, too hard for me to do, or just too plain awful, as my designs/tastes/ and colour selections have changed over the years.Arthur is a lovely you keep them for long? or temporary?I would find it so hard to say goodbye, no matter how wonderful the new home might be. But another owner deserves to be able to have the wonderful affection that only a cat can give to you. Greetings from Jean