Saturday, February 9, 2013

DaGMT - Day 8 & 9

Yesterday, I went to my quilt group at the church. Since I actually threaded a needle and put some stitches into the quilt, I will count that as my effort for the day. The church ladies are hand quilters. Although I can hand quilt, it is not my preferred method, so my skill level is not as high as many of the others. I know I would get better if I practiced more, but I don't see that happening any time soon, since I own 4 sewing machines, and love to use them.

I have read on other blogs about altered books. I haven't been tempted to try (though I heard a rumour that Grandma Coco has it on her to do list). However, today I completed an altered sweatshirt. A friend works at a local high school. When she received the shirt she had ordered for spirit days, it was way too big. So I recreated it.

It is now a cardigan, with a zip front. I shortened the sleeves, then sewed the cuffs back on. I cut the front open and added a zipper. Then I used strips of batik to make facings for the cut edges, so it would look finished on the inside, if she wears it unzipped.

I love the batik I used for the facings, and now I am wishing that I had bought more. Since the shirt was in my UFO box, I am sure that the fabric is no longer available.

Since I like how it turned out, I am wondering if I have a sweatshirt of my own, that I might like to alter.


  1. Yes. Altered books, altered sweatshirts. Altered anything, really. That reminds me....I started some pages for an altered book last summer. Must dig them out and see how they've aged.

    Your shirt looks great. Do you get to keep it, or is it going back to its previous owner?

  2. lovely alteration, and great fabric to go with the blue. Cheers, Jean