Monday, February 18, 2013

DaGMT - Day 18

I am falling behind in my posting.

I finished the first fingerless glove.

Still need to weave in the ends, mind you. I took some time out after looking at the picture to redo my nails, since the chips were really showing. (Does that count as needlework?)

I spent some time quilting a vest panel I am making up for a friend. Then I spent even more time picking out the quilting on the vest panel. Note to self: always put the walking foot on, before putting anything with batting in it under the machine.
I have requilted it, but no pictures until I get it finished, since there isn't much to show yet.

Meanwhile, I came across an ancient ufo today, and was inspired to finish it. This is my progress so far.

I like what I have done so far, but you will have to wait to see what it becomes. Of course, you are welcome to guess.


  1. Lovely fingerless glove, and a guess? is it for an alphabet quilt, a pyramid. a blue/green/mauve/purple favourite colour wall hanging?? I am stumped! a small clue please... Cheers from Jean

  2. Purple! Who'd have guessed you'd be working on purple? Pretty fabrics. Those fingerless gloves are perfect for showing off polished nails. As for a guess? It's going to be some sort of pinwheel, but for what, I don't know...... a mat for a cat, maybe?

  3. Second guess!! Maple syrup gathering?? I still do love those colours. Cheers from Jean

  4. I wasn't sure about the colours for the fingerless mitts when you showed just a bit of the ribbing, but now seeing the whole thing, it's very prettty.

    I'm thinking the ufo is some sort of bag. Great fabrics.