Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Sunday Musing: Sloth

I was thinking about  sloth today.

Not this kind, but the kind that is considered by some to be a sin.

The website, 7 Deadly Sins, defines sloth as  Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

Now, you may ask, why I am musing about this. Well, because of this:

Those are my fingernails. They are almost always painted and the colours are often unusual for fingernails. I am not a pale pink kind of person. This week, they will be metallic teal, because it makes me smile. I have polished my nails, regularly, since I was 15. That is quite a long time. As I have gotten older, the colours have become wilder, and of course, people notice. Which brings me to the sloth.

It seems that having your nails nicely polished is considered a sign of not doing anything. I am not exactly sure why. People who know me, and know I have a reasonably busy life, still make comments, like "it must be nice to have all that time to do your nails".  Or "Don't you do any housework?"

My manicure routine is one I have perfected over time. It takes me about 40 minutes to take off the old polish, put on 5 coats of fresh, and some nail polish hardener. Done properly it lasts me a week to 10 days. I can finish the job in less time then it takes to watch a TV show. I do it while I watch TV. because I can't stand to watch TV and do nothing with my hands. I consider it multi-tasking. And yes, I do housework (although I would rather sew, or knit). I own and use rubber gloves to protect the polish. I can clean bathrooms, and my nails will still look like this.

So my response to those who tell me it must be nice: you are right, it is nice to have pretty nails. The polish is OPI This Color is Making Waves.


  1. Oooo I have a similar color to that I just bought and can't wait to put on! I can never get my polish to last no matter what I do, but I love slapping some funky colors on them (I'm not 'pale pink' either :)

  2. But how is it that they don't dry out and peel? That's what mine did, the only time in my life when I did try. :( Love the sloth, BTW. Maybe there should be a sloth on my baby blanket?

  3. Somedays I feel I am part sloth....your nails look great, sadly that's not ever going to happen to my nails. Like Cheryl, I tried...once! :)

  4. Love your nails! And the colour is wonderful! 5 coats to get it to last? I will have to try it.