Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Visitors

Yesterday was cool and dreary, so we decided to give the pets a bit of entertainment. We placed peanuts on the window sill, and waited to see who showed up. ( The pets were on the inside of the window.)

This squirrel was taking the peanuts, one at a time.

The chipmunk had a better plan. See the  peanuts.

See the full cheeks! I believe we counted 4 peanuts go in before he left.

On a sunnier day, I found these poking up in the lawn.
Good signs of warmer days ahead.

My mystery shawl is starting to be revealed. This is the end of clue 1.
I have 24 rows left of clue 2, before the next clue arrives, tomorrow. I am keeping up pretty well. I like what I see, so far. Should be ready for shawl weather.


  1. He is a funny chap, maybe he then leaves, and has a leisurely meal. Your knitting is looking so interesting, no lacy holes in this one?

  2. Squirrels are funny little guys, but I haven't yet seen a chipmunk! Crocus are such cheerful flowers after a long hard winter. Interesting shawl pattern......I love cables, the double thickness of the crossed stitches means extra warmth.